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Relaxing Tongue Drum

The perfect instrument for beginner musicians!

Ever wanted to start playing music but never had the chance? Introducing the relaxing Tongue Drum! Finally play an instrument that doesn’t take hours to learn! An instrument that doesn’t sound like a cat dying! An instrument made for beginners! Finally play an instrument made for beginners!

Why the Relaxing Tongue Drum?

🥁- The perfect instrument for beginners

🥁- Harmonizing sounds, you won’t deafen your family with the relaxing tongue drum!

🥁- With a steel design the Relaxing tongue drum will be your music buddy for life!

🥁- With over 8 sounds in D Major, you will never run out of music to play!

🥁- With a tutorial book, you will never be lost on how to play the relaxing tongue drum!

Why is it the perfect instrument for beginners?

You must be thinking to yourself “How is the tongue drum ideal for beginners?” Well without boring you to death the relaxing tongue drum only has notes that are perfectly harmonized with each other! It’s literally idiot proof! Surprise your family and yourself with the harmonizing music you can play with the relaxing tongue proof!

What songs can you play with the relaxing tongue drum?

The tongue drum can literally play anything! Just take a look on youtube! Here is a list of some potential bad boys you can play:

  • Game of thrones theme 
  • My heart will go on from Titanic
  • Ed sheeran shape of you
  • Carol of the bells
  • Minecraft theme (There is no judgement if you play this:))

Do I just get the tongue drum?

Nope included in the tongue drum is the following

  • A tongue drum
  • 2 Drumsticks
  • 2 finger covers
  • 1 carrying bag
  • A tutorial to get you started
  • A bundle of excitement!

What happens if I can't play anything nice?

We are so certain on the Relaxing Tongue Drum allowing you to play nice relaxing harmonizing music that if you don’t learn how to play one song you like with it in 90 days (Minecraft theme song doesn’t count) We will give you a money back guarantee!




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